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  • 26 Mar
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.30 pm til midnight
  • 28 Mar
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.30 pm til midnight
  • 29 Mar
  • La Paella,
    The Harbour,
    Los Gigantes

    9.00 pm - 11.00pm - Party Time
  • 30 Mar
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm til 11.00 pm
  • 31 Mar
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.30 pm til midnight

Sept/Oct 2015 News Update

Well what a hectic time it has been for the “olddogs”. Having a great time on the home scene with Route 66 & Highland Paddy being rammed inside and out every night despite the weather. It has been fantastic to see all the regulars returning for some Autumn sunshine. On top of that we have performed to a packed Plaza in Los Gigantes for the annual “World Tourism Day”. A great night was had by all.

As if that was not enough we returned to the UK to perform at our third “H4H” ball which was again held at The Balmer Lawn Hotel in Brockenhurst.


Over 300 people from all over the UK turned up in their finest and together with Elaine Husband and her fantastic team we raised over 50,000.00 GBP bringing the total for the three balls to over 100,000.00 GBP.


We would like to personally thank all our friends and fans for there very generous donations as without you we could never have achieved such a sum.


We would also like to thank Maureen, our trusty roadie for looking after our menagerie while we were away. Again without Maureen none of this would have been possible. Jill even made and wore a bespoke H4H dress - who’s a clever girl then! Only downside of the trip was that Bob came home with “man flu” - shame.

Since we have been back it has just got busier and busier and we are looking forward to this Sat. 24th October when we will again be performing in The Plaza, Los Gigantes for the Oktober Fest with lots of German sausages and litres of beer being consumed. All proceeds again go to next year’s Carnaval.

While back in the UK we managed a whistle stop tour of the family and actually visited all of Bob’s children & grandchildren as well as Jill’s mum and sister. Exhausting but fun and great to catch up. Never enough time to do everything and friends missed out on this occasion - sorry.

Looking forward we have our annual break in Lanzarote to look forward to at the end of November/beginning December to recharge the batteries for the Christmas and New Year mayhem - seems like only a few short weeks ago since we celebrated last New Year. Boy does time fly when you are having fun or maybe it’s just because we are getting older!

Look after your health and we look forward to seeing lots more of our regulars in the run up to Christmas.


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Honorary Geordies

09 | 11 | 2018

Great to hear you are at the Green Corner Christmas Eve! What about New Years? We will also be at The Green Corner for New Year - Party, Party, Party...