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  • 28 Mar
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.30 pm til midnight
  • 29 Mar
  • La Paella,
    The Harbour,
    Los Gigantes

    9.00 pm - 11.00pm - Party Time
  • 30 Mar
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm til 11.00 pm
  • 31 Mar
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.30 pm til midnight

March 2015 Update

Well it looks like winter may well be over here on the sunny isle. The "olddogs" have battled through continuous colds and Bob having bronchitis but the show went on. It has been a great period as far as audiences go and the duo have been performing to full houses every night. Unfortunately due to a last minute break down in communication they did not perform at this years Carnaval in Los Gigantes but there is always next year.

Bob continues to be "kilted" and Jill has just completed his third kilt which may well get its first outing tonight at Hotel Barcelo Santiago. This sadly will be the duo's last show there after an unbroken run of 6 years. However there is a new manager and new owners who want all new shows for the summer season (new broom sweeps clean comes to mind) - watch out for news on next winter's programme. However 6 years is not too bad considering the original booking was for 3 months and the "olddogs" would like to thank all the staff at the Barcelo for making it such an enjoyable experience.

Looking ahead they have the H4H Ball on October 10th in The Balmer Lawns Hotel, Brockenhurst. This promises to be the biggest and best ball to date and the target is to raise GBP50k so we need your donations now. To make a donation via olddogs-newtricks simply search Just Giving and then type in Heroes Charity Ball & Auction. When you put in your name just add ODNT after your name - it will then be credited to the duo. So far ODNT have raised GBP10,100.00 so a long way to go. Also, if you want tickets for the ball please get them now as more than 2/3rds have already gone. Just go to www.heroesball@hotmail.co.uk. Don't miss the social event of the year!

Back closer to home Route 66 is still battling with the sound police so apologies to everyone who wants to sit outside as you will hear the music but miss the banter. Hopefully this will be sorted by the end of March when San Sofé will have had their next community meeting. Apparently the majority of the residents are in favour of Route 66 and only 3 are against - one being the president of the community. It would appear that he has hired a lawyer to fight the case, without informing all of the residents so we await the news after the next community meeting.

The "olddogs" have been enjoying the return of many old friends and look forward to even more of you arriving in the not too distant future. They are are also going into "kennels" for a well earned rest from 12th to 21st April inclusive. They will return to Route 66 on 21st. Stay healthy! (much more important than money although a little never goes far wrong)


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Derek and Jan

21 | 03 | 2016

Just got back from 2 weeks in Los Gigs and really enjoyed every show. We deliberately booked to miss the Carnival but now glad it was postponed. Your gig at the square was absolutely brilliant and the best we've seen. Ho...