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  • 28 Mar
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.30 pm til midnight
  • 29 Mar
  • La Paella,
    The Harbour,
    Los Gigantes

    9.00 pm - 11.00pm - Party Time
  • 30 Mar
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm til 11.00 pm
  • 31 Mar
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.30 pm til midnight

June 2014 Update

Well hi everyone, we hope that you are enjoying the new website. Unfortunately we still haven't opened the shop but that is my fault and I am trying to rectify it as soon as possible.

It has been a bit of a roller coaster year so far with venues changing fairly regularly. We hope that we have now got the venues sorted but of course at the moment the timings are all over the place due to the dreaded football.

The Flower Power Party is proving to be a huge success and our outfits definitely take us back to our "Hippy" youth. Route 66 and Highland Paddy's are trucking along nicely with lots of new people as well as the "old" faithful having fun boogieing to the music.

As always new songs being added to the set every week to keep things fresh and surprise some of our younger visitors. Jill on a high as the voice is getting better and better and she's lost 10 kilos. Bob on the other hand has gained 5 kilos - something to do with eating all Jill's leftovers - nothing to do with the beer!

Looking forward to our summer break in August when yet again the intrepid Maureen will move into the doghouse and look after the animals while we disappear to Galicia for a couple of weeks.


What would we do without her? Roadie, sales director (tee shirts & CDs), house sitter (she even does the ironing while she's there) etc. What a gem!

Enjoy and stay healthy.


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Chris Smith

03 | 03 | 2019

Cut your pay by 40% when you guys pack the place night after night?? What kind of business is that? Hopefully,they've come to their senses and we'll see you there.....