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  • 28 Mar
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.30 pm til midnight
  • 29 Mar
  • La Paella,
    The Harbour,
    Los Gigantes

    9.00 pm - 11.00pm - Party Time
  • 30 Mar
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm til 11.00 pm
  • 31 Mar
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.30 pm til midnight

July 2014 Update

Well things certainly don’t stand still here on Tenerife. The “olddogs” are cutting back and now only work on 4 nights one week and 5 the other so they now have every Friday and Saturday off to enjoy quality time with friends and family when they visit the sunshine isle (they're not getting any younger!!).

Very slow progress being made on The Plaza in Los Gigantes and what has been done is pretty bad so no shows there for a while yet.  Hopefully it will be done in time for “The Day of the Tourist” in September but don’t hold your breath.

At last the “olddogs” are back in the recording studio recording and producing CD No.10 so watch this space for details. It is hoped that it will be completed by the end of August in time for the return of the “swallows”.

Last night was the big night of the carnival in Puerto Santiago where the council put on a magnificent firework display followed by lots of drinking and dancing. Jill even managed to get Bob to go with friends David & Elaine and that takes some doing! He was even seen to be joining in the salsa dancing!

Hope that you are all well and look forward to seeing you all back out here in Tenerife where apparently you all behave badly - well Channel 5 seem to think so and put on a very unrepresentative documentary - who is wasting the money?


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Gunter & Noelle

06 | 10 | 2014

Old Dogs?! Young Puppies more likely...where do you get all this energy from?like a good brandy you getting better with age(and you been great before)as you know we only come to the region because of you,so see you in 4 ...