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  • 20 Jul
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm
  • 23 Jul
  • Las Rosas,
    Puerto Santiago

    9.30 pm - 11.30 pm
  • 24 Jul
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm
  • 25 Jul
  • The Royal Bar,
    Puerto Santiago - below Balcon,
    opposite Tamaimo next to Parafarmacia

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm
  • 27 Jul
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm
  • 30 Jul
  • Las Rosas,
    Puerto Santiago

    9.30 pm - 11.30 pm
  • 31 Jul
  • The Green Corner,
    Los Gigantes

    9.30 pm - 11.00 pm

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Marion and Jim|   01/04/2019

Thanks to you both Jill and Bob for another great holiday of music. We loved seeing you again. Thanks also to Maureen for being a great dancing partner! Hope you enjoyed Lanzarote and we will think of you next time we are in Barneys Bar. See you next year.

Linda {teabag lady] and John [the shirt]|   03/03/2019

Sorry not to have been in touch since we left you but the day after we returned home John was admitted to hospital with an infection in his new knee. He is still there 12 days later having had major surgery to deal with the infection and he will have to have another new knee in 6 - 8 weeks. We loved seeing you, you are part of our holiday and we were so pleased to see you back at Route 66. Loved the new songs, especially "Nothing breaks like a heart". Tell Bob to spoil you Jill on Valentine's Day.
Sorry for late reply and sorry to hear about the knee - that's really bad news. Hope all goes well with the op.

Richard Walton|   03/03/2019

Hi, coming over for Los Gigantes carnival this year. Have you been asked to perform at it? Whether or not looking forward to seeing you at Route 66. Iris and Richard
Hi Guys, we are playing on Friday 22nd at 6.30pm - see you there

Chris Smith|   03/03/2019

A word of warning,Chris,Teresa and Marco are coming for a month Feb.10-March 11!!

Chris Smith|   03/03/2019

Cut your pay by 40% when you guys pack the place night after night??
What kind of business is that? Hopefully,they've come to their senses and we'll see you there..

Eddiebooker|   03/03/2019

Hi guys. Glad to see you’re back in 66 and hope the negotiations go well (in your favour of course)
Not much point coming up to that end of the island if you guys ain’t around. Stay well and keep rockin

Honary Geordies|   13/11/2018

You have just made our Christmas/New Year !!! Just wouldn't be the same without you guys !!! Look forward to seeing you again x

Mark and Karen|   13/11/2018

arriving again on 29th.
see you in R66, bringing a new groupie this time.
See you both soon

Honorary Geordies|   09/11/2018

Great to hear you are at the Green Corner Christmas Eve! What about New Years?
We will also be at The Green Corner for New Year - Party, Party, Party

Mary Carmel Hession|   15/10/2018

Hi you two. I often think of ye and wonder how ye are doing? I hope well and happy.
Me I am doing o k. I have a LITTLE Wine Bar in Loughrea. As always I have three dogs.Life without a dog is not a life at all. Wish I had time to visit but no time Good wishes and blessings are sent often to your door step. Take care Hugs to you both
Hi there, we are absolutely fine and still working away. We only have 2 dogs and 2 Cats now as we lost 2 dogs within 5 weeks - very sad. Glad to here that you are running a wine bar and maybe one day we will come and visit. Glad all is going well for you, Bob & Jill xxx

Derek and Jan|   15/10/2018

We were due to stay at the hotel from Tuesday but it’s closed. We thought we planned it well to see you on Wednesday and Saturday at Green Corner but alas. Hope your still there in February for our next visit.

Melanie Jolly|   15/10/2018

Are you around at Christmas?Yes we are around and will be performing at The Green Corner on Christmas Eve.

Stewart Gunn - Kevin's Dad|   05/07/2018

Hi both - spoke briefly last week when I was trying to get some sense out of La Caixa. You told me about the Turners who are going (have gone ?) to Australian south of Melbourne where Kevin and Lorraine live. Got Aany more details ? Sheena and I are back in Tenerife in SeplOct before we heads for OZ in December for a couple of months.
The Turners arrive next week so will get details and forward them to you. Bob

Dave n Sue|   29/05/2018

Hey Bob n Jill
Just checking on wether you performing at Route 60 60 January as I know you guys sometimes go away then and we wouldn’t want to miss you when we come over speak soon Dave and Sue

Jan and Mick from Leeds|   09/10/2017

Be seeing you at Route 66 on Sunday 22nd October. Got 3 bottles of the shampoo you want. Have a good holiday x

Dmitriy|   09/10/2017

!!!!!!We were at Your performance 01 Oct 2017 at the bar Route 66. You impressed us with their energy and positivity! My wife danced, and You danced with her. (She was in a white dress) . Thank you for a lovely evening. I really want to visit again your guests! We are from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. My name is Dmitry and my wife's name is Anastasia.. Write if you're ever in our city! Thank you!!!!!!

Roger & Marian|   25/09/2017

Hello Jill &Bob hope you are both well not seen or spoke for ages.were coming over on 22nd September for a couple of weeks hope to see you but we're in Los christianos also is there going to be a Help for Heros ball this year L&R Marian and Roger Dorset

Oby|   25/09/2017

Love you guys so much, lost count how many time we have seen you, and enjoyed our time so much , not had chance recently as I've had to have a lot of surgery, but, good news I'm back and fighting, can't wait to see you soon at 66 , my whole family send their regards, xxx

Sheila Podmore ......( Willmott )|   25/09/2017

Saw you performing last earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed the evening so chuffed to come so many miles and meet a lass from St,John's........my Son and daughter in law are there thus week and I sincerely hope they get to see you both perform....Chris and Jackie Willmott....they live in Northwood Ave. behind The Surrey Arms.......kind regards, Sheila xx

Brian|   29/08/2017

Enjoyed New Year last year in LG Are you playing in the Square this year ?

Hi Brian, your guess is as good as mine. At the moment we are scheduled to play at Route 66 as is a Sunday Night. Will let you know as soon as we know.

Hi there, Phil and Viv here.|   29/08/2017

Hope you are both in fine fettle?
Will be coming over to the island, staying in San Miguel. Was hoping to catch one or 2Gigs. Will you be on at route 66 on the 10 Sep and the 12 Sep 2017?

Take care guys x

Hi Guys unfortunately we won't be at Route 66 on the 10th Sept (end of our Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebrations) but we will be there on the 12th & 14th. Look forward to seeing. Bob & Jill

Anne McCue dry|   08/08/2017

We just love Old Dogs, New Tricks. Every time we see them, we truly enjoy their music & banter. We are the couple from Bonnie Dundee. Love you both and are back in Gigantes in May. Hopefully see you perform then.

Be and Dave|   20/07/2017

Hi guys, We are looking to book our hols again in December this year. I know you like to come back here to sunny England for a week around that time. Can you confirm when yet coz we always love to see you (it makes our hols) and it wont be the same
without you. Regards Be and Dave

Hi Guys, it will probably be the third week in Dec. but nothing finalised yet. Watch the website nearer the time. Best wishes, Bob & Jill xxx

Now looks like it will be the 1st week in December that we take our break. Sorry to mess you around but we are in the hands of our dog sitter. Bob

Tom and Jean Fernand|   23/05/2017

Hiyah. Assume you will be going on hols soon. We will be out again for June so could you please give us an idea when you might be away. I saw something about Jill not being well -we hope she is ok now. Regards Tom and Jean.

No problems we look forward to seeing you both. Jill is fine so no worries there.

Chris and Dave|   27/03/2017

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Bob. You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake !. Best wishes Chris and Dave.

John and Linda Staddon|   22/03/2017

Now that we are back in the cold weather our thoughts are with you in the sun. Jill you have introduced me to Onerepublic and Up town funk but now I think have found another "Human" [not The Killers} by Rag and Bone Man which I would love to hear you singing. We do hope we will be able to see you both playing in the future and wish you both well.

Hi Guys, already done . Now in the set.

David Lynn|   20/03/2017

On the island, planning to come to see you on Tuesday if that's ok
Had been warned by Maria, looking forward to seeing you. We start at 9.00 and the inside space usually fills up very quickly. See you later.

Rose|   20/03/2017

Dear bob & Jill. Glad bob on the road to recovery. I shall be in los g with friend wendy again to catch up with stuart & jean & of course see you perform. We arrive 9th march for a week in time for the fiesta. Will you be performing this time? Cant wait to get dancing! Rose x

Richard|   07/02/2017

Hi Bob & Jill,

We came to Tenerife back in 2003 and stumbled across you. It was a fantastic evening; so much so that we bought your "Better Late Than Never" CD. I have just found that CD today. Fantastic. Can't wait for your shop to open so I can add to my ODNT CD collection!

Best wishes,

John and Linda Staddon|   05/02/2017

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the greatest work out ever. Thanks to Bob for playing Human [three times!] and Summer of '69 - we are now even hooked on Uptown Funk thanks to Jill. We are glad Bob has now recovered from his hip, hip operations and we do hope that Tuesday was not the last time we see you two.

Pam & Brian|   05/02/2017

Just back from Tenerife with our friends Sue & Dave who introduced us to Old Dogs New Tricks. Had a fabulous 3 nights in Route 66 listening, dancing and generally having a great time. Thanks Bob and Jill for making it memorable. Sitting here at home listening to one of your cd's. Fab!!! Please pass on thanks to Maureen for supplying the ice for Brian's leg after he took a dive at your feet Jill. Anything for a bit of attention eh? Seriously though he's fine just a bit bruised. Hope we get to see you again one day. xx

linda langton|   31/01/2017

a visit to Los Gigantes must always include dancing and singing with two great people - Old Dogs, New Tricks. You always give it your all and are tremendous fun. A huge thank you, keep on rocking. And let me know if you're heading to England any time in the future. We shook our marraccas 'til we ached - and today it's rainy and cold back home! xxxx

Flemming and Susanne Risum Hansen|   27/01/2017

Hello Bob and Jill
Thank you so much for great intertainment and opputunities for dancing to your music at Route 66 Puerto Santiago both Thuesday and Thursday where we were introduced to you by Margareth and Harrold. We danes do love a great party and you two for sure are making it.
Hoping to see you again next time we visit Tenerife.
Regards from
Flemming and Susanne

Your Blondie Noy|   24/01/2017

looking forward to seeing you next Sunday (29thJan)

Ken & Joanna|   14/12/2016

So glad to hear that Bob is on the mend. Hopefully he will be at R66, cheerful smiles an' all, when we make our annual pilgrimage in Jan/Feb. Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year.

George Walker|   28/11/2016

Sorry to learn that you were in hospital. Hope you are back on your feet and hips bearing the weight. Can you make the Monty on 17th December ?????
Sadly not but will be there in spirit. Great to hear from you and hope that you and your family are all well. have a great Christmes & New Year.

Tom and Jean Fernand|   28/11/2016

Could you send me a private e-mail plse.

Chic & Anne-Marie Clarkin|   28/11/2016

Good to hear ur on the mend Bob! Get well soon! Brilliant to read Jill is hale&hearty- roll on December!! Hugs&luvs!xx

Carol armstrong|   28/11/2016

Unfortunately we couldn't join our best mates Pat and Alan in Puerto Santiago this year and are really missing being able to join them watching you at Route 66. Could you please play a request from us to them and tell them we wish we were there! Black eyed peas "tonight's gonna be a good night" would be good and they MUST get up and dance. Hope to see you next time, Carol And Eddie Armstrong

Tom and Jean Fernand|   28/11/2016

Hello Jill and Bob and the dogs!!Good to see that the medics have eventually got to the problem. Tell him he has to drink more red wine. We are the Scots. IE: Sir Tom. Great for the ego. Catch you soon.

Jan and Derek|   16/10/2016

Got back to the UK yesterday from Los Gigs and enjoyed seeing you again three times at Paddys. You were brilliant as ever and I apologise for not accepting the tambourine from you. I've learnt my lesson. You were brilliant solo but missed Bob. I hope Bob is recovering well and the nurses are running around after him. Can't wait for March to see you again.

JB|   16/10/2016

Great gig at Highland Paddy. Shout out to Maureen and the crew.

Tony Marriott|   16/10/2016

Been here for 2 weeks and seen you both at Route 66 but was amazed how you adapted to playing to a slightly different audience at the Highland Paddy. Highly entertaining , can't wait until next year. I'm the old fart with the white beard and Led Zeppelin t shirt.

Laura Facey|   08/10/2016

Hi Bob & Jill, Are you playing in Santiago next week ? We fly out on Sunday and no gigs listed on your page?

Richard Andrews|   08/10/2016

Your web-site shows no gigs beyond Sept 2016...will you play any gigs in Nov 2016 please?

Richard Andrews|   08/10/2016

Message dated 30th Sept 2016

Hello guys; hope I find you fit and well.
Will you be playing any gigs in November 2016...the web site shows a blank as at today.

Richard Andrews

Jon Green|   08/10/2016

We were in Los Gigantes last week and saw you at the Festival on Monday and at Highland Paddys. Enjoyed it both times although the festival was a bit special. As I said to you on the night, Jill, it's a voice to fill stadia! Great show, great crowd engagement. We'll be hback there in six months so hopefully catch up.

Laura|   08/10/2016

Hi Bob and Jill , booked a few days at the Barcelo from 9th October as a suprise for Paul's birthday . Your gig list doesn't include October dates at the moment really hope you'll be playing at Route 66 or highland paddy that week ? Wouldn't be the same holiday without seeing you ! Laura

Joseph Atkins|   08/10/2016

Jill and Bob. Sitting in the airport waiting to go home. After 7 years of visiting Tenerife and watching you play it was great to sit down and chat to you both. Thanks for the advice and support with regard to learning the guitar. I'm already doing the finger exercises so keep your fingers crossed for me. Regards Joe and Jo Atkins.

Jan Clark|   08/10/2016

Hope all is well out there. Would be nice to have another update as last one was for May! Even though we haven't visited for a while, it's interesting to hear what's going on.
Will just have to keep listening to the CDs in the meantime. :)

Allen Walker|   30/08/2016

Just spent week in Tenerife and met this fantastic duo in Route 66 (Puerto Santiago). What a band Bob & Jill are, you name it they play it. Thank you for making our week. I was the bloke with the beard that Bob called Waldorf & Stadtler.

Bill and Ann|   19/08/2016

Hi guys
We are heading for Island next month until November.........Have you any dates for performing at Square. We know that you are both getting good crowds during the week so chances are we won't get a good seat. But it goes without saying, visiting Island wouldn't be the same without at least hearing you guys
No plans for gigs in square at the moment but it only 19th Aug. We are away for 1st two weeks in Sept. No problems getting seats if you are there by 10.00 pm

Chris W|   13/08/2016

Thank you for making a good holiday exceptional with your music. In Stornoway, please send sun xx

Mark Spearman|   07/08/2016

Hi Jill and Bob. It was a pleasure meeting you and listening to you both in Route 66. It made some happy memories for us. Hope you're enjoying your holiday, and look forward to seeing you both again. Good luck with Bellies R Us !!! :-) Take care and adios amigos x

Chirstian & Jenna Huddersfield England|   07/08/2016

We stayed in santiago for the first time, and the very first night we were lucky enough to see Bob & Jill perform at Route 66 bar! Very entertaing and great band i think we will be back to Route 66 again in the near future to see them especially. Thank you for a great couple of nights!!

MadMac fae Clydebank|   07/08/2016

Glad to see you're continuing to go from strength to strength, visiting Costa Adeje in October. Will make the effort to visit Route 66 & catch-up

Jordan Hyde|   02/06/2016

When me and my girlfriend came over in Feb we had a great time listening to you both and many funny laughs and memories were made. We're coming back over in July so look forward to seeing you both then,

Jo Myers|   09/05/2016

8th May - we will be there! CAN NOT WAIT! Mark is secretly excited - honest! Enjoy your trip home & we'll look forward to seeing you on your return

linda stubbings|   09/05/2016

Missed you again fly back 7 may see you in June hopexxx

Sue|   21/04/2016

Just wondering if you are performing at Route 66 any time early May. We are staying at the Barcelo Santiago from 4th til 11th May and hoping to see you as we have seen you 4 times before andyou're very much part of our holiday . Yours hopefully Sue
Hi Sue, Yes we will be back from the UK and performing on the 8th and 10th while you are at the Barcelo. We look forward to seeing you. Bob & Jill

Rose|   07/04/2016

Had brill eve at paddys with my friend wendy at your wed gig 16th march. Have seen you a few times now with jean & stuart. Love it that everyone gets up & dances! Even some young ones!! Will you be playing anywhere in uk when you pop over in april? Hi there glad you enjoyed the show at Paddy's - April/May is purely a non working trip. We are coming over for my youngest son's wedding where we have the pleasure of just being guests and the rest of the time we will be visiting friends and family. Look forward to seeing you again on your next trip. Have fun.

Derek and Jan|   21/03/2016

Just got back from 2 weeks in Los Gigs and really enjoyed every show. We deliberately booked to miss the Carnival but now glad it was postponed. Your gig at the square was absolutely brilliant and the best we've seen. How times change from the first time we saw you at TJ's and now you command the big stage. Looking forward to seeing you both again in November. Keep up the good work.

Linda Staddon|   04/03/2016

I have just been dancing around the kitchen to Human by The Killers and missing Puff the Magic Dragon! Can;t wait to see you again next year. Linda [married to toe ring man John] x

John and Linda Staddon|   15/02/2016

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such good nights, especially last Thursday when we danced from 9 - 12. Thanks to Bob for playing Summer of 69 and Human. You are a lovely couple and we hope to be back to see you next year. Love and all best wishes Linda and John

Jim & Lynne Roscow|   15/02/2016

On your recommendation went to see Dire Straits Experience. Amazing performance.
Started of with Telegraph Road, the guitar and sax was incredible and that set the standard for the rest of the show Awesome

Sheila Dunk|   30/01/2016

Are you performing at Los Gigantes carnival this year?

Hi Sheila, I wish I could tell you. We have heard nothing from them and they have not issued a programme so who knows. All I can sy is "Watch this space"

PAUL|   17/01/2016

Thanks you for the plesant time we have in route 66 we enjoy to hear the music.(i was the man wering an ACDC shirt)
Lover From paul en Loes

Ken & Joanna|   17/01/2016

It's that time of year again. Now where did I put those old red All Stars? Looking forward to our annual exercise session at Route 66 and to seeing you guys again. We must look at your set list and choose some really old stuff, just for the hell of it!
Ken & Jo

Tracey and Bob (Yorkshire)|   02/01/2016

Hi Guys - Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your sessions at Route 66 and Highland Paddy's last night. The cheap Monarch flight was on time and we have now arrived home to our defrosted turkey!!! Hope to see you again soon.

Jan & Steve Clark|   29/10/2015

Hi to you both. Enjoyed seeing you last month in Highland Paddy's and Route 66. Sorry we didn't make the HFH gig in Uk but trust it went well. Our friends, Lynda & Terry, will be in LG next week and as it will be their first visit,have informed them of how to have the best night out ie come & see you ! Be gentle with them! ( I took a most fetching pic of Bob in his kilt at R66)

Katherine Barugh|   25/10/2015

Hi Guy's, hope you are well and vocal chords in good fettle as I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing my favourite rock/pop duo in Tenerife. I arrive Sunday 8th November

sue|   05/10/2015

Just returned from lg and had a great night with the concert in the square also again in Paddys.
You really are entertaining.
Good luck at Balmer Lawn and look forward to seeing you again next year.
Will probably be staying at The Old Peoples home again but they do let us stay out late on occasions!!!!
Someone mentioned that LG do a carnival and you perform there, if so when is the date please.
Oh yes we have just got back and after the indian summer rain is on the cards this week.
Never mind enjoy your stay in UK

Jane & Nigel (smileys)|   11/08/2015

Many thanks to you both for the fab entertainment you gave us for the last three days of our hols. 21/07/2015. What an awesome couple you are. Have a fab hols and we are already loving the wet weather hear in Kidderminster (NOT). Tc xxx

steve|   21/07/2015

thanx for the info looking forward to our nights out with odnt in lg again see you then went to see neil diomond at the weekend be nice to hear your version 1 or 2 of his songs!! more proof the oldies can still do it he was fab

Hi. I thought I was Sir Tom|   15/07/2015

See you in creativo.

steve|   15/07/2015

very selfish of me to ask but looks like you wont be in LG when we come on 09th oct there for 10 days will you be back b4 we go home?
Hi Steve we are back at Route 66 on 13th and Highland Paddy on 14. Look forward to seeing you

chris|   13/07/2015

Sitting in the garden listening this evening to ODNT ----- from 2 streets away! See you next week Chris

Jim|   13/07/2015

There's a slight error on your gigs, I think, with holiday apparently until May. Wishful thinking ....? Yep definitely wishful thinking. Good way of checking if anyone actually reads the News Updates.

jimbo|   10/07/2015

Great show,can you not start a bit sooner to increase the fantastic music and the show people are on holiday to enjoy?? Well done....

vic & sue.(big tall man small girl)|   10/07/2015

hi thanks for good time on holls.sorry I had to sing in the end lol

vic and sue|   10/07/2015

hi thanks for letting me sing had to do it in the end.lol tall vic,little sue

David, Chris, Heather and Louise|   25/06/2015

The Donny crew are back in town from 14 July and very much looking forward to seeing you both again.

David Haughton|   25/06/2015

David, Chris , Heather and Louise all looking forward to seeing you both when we arrive on 14th July.

Elizabeth|   19/06/2015

Just watched you at highland paddys you were brilliant and this evening has made our holiday

Derek (Del) Sharon Keith Elaine|   15/06/2015

Hi thanks for the good night out over the two weeks we saw you we at route 66 we all had a great night especially on my birthday (Del)

Caroline and Emma-"The Guildfords"!|   08/06/2015

Sadly holiday in Los Gigantes coming to an end. Had such fun seeing Bob and Jill perform at Route 66-much dancing and shaking of maracas! Not to mention Maureen the awesome roadie. Hope to see you in October. Keep on rocking!:-)

Cherie & Mick|   08/06/2015

Been in Puerto Santiago since 29 May and so far have seen these guys 4 times.... will be our 5th and last time this Sunday. To say thes guys rock would be an understatement..... they literally " are the dogs"

sharon thomas|   27/05/2015

Hi there hope you both well, we came to Tenerife in sept and stayed in peurto de Santiago (did I spell it right lol) route 66, we thought you were both fantastic and really made the holiday special, we are returning with the kids on 15th may and really want them to see you, we are staying in playa de las Americas this time, and wondered if you played any where near if not we are happy to visit in route 66 or paddys bar, which taxi service would you recommend to get us there and back please xx Hi Sharon, All taxis are the same as they are part of a co-operative. It might be worth getting the bus on the way up and taking a taxi back. Look forward to seeing you.

Jim|   27/04/2015

'Ere where's the April update then ... ?

Katherine Barugh|   22/04/2015

Hi guy's, nearly that time again. Looking forward to arriving next Tuesday 28th April at Barceló Santiago and seeing and hearing my favourite Rock duo ODNT. Hope you have got over your winter sniffles and or on your usual top form xxx

Mary Steel|   21/04/2015

Just home from Los Gigantes having spent many enjoyable evenings with ODNT. Excellent music, banter and dancing! Best wishes to you both not forgetting Maureen! Look forward to our next visit. Bob and Mary

margaret and bruce :-)|   21/04/2015

Well we have been back home a week now, missing tenerife and everyone there loads. Thankyou for another 2 weeks of brilliant music, i am now listening to your cd, love it good song choice. Im currently trying to get old grumpy head to the travel agents to get back again ha ha. See you next year keep singing you are brill xx

Jim / Zebedee|   10/04/2015

Happy Birthdays!

Rob|   10/04/2015

hi guys, Rob the Punk here. Nice to hear you play at Route 66 last week, great fun to watch and thanks for the tips. I'd highly recommend you guys and the bar. Our facebook page for our fledgling band The Serpent Motors is here https://www.facebook.com/TheSerpentMotors?fref=ts with a live vid from Matlock. Looking forward to our 10th gig in a few weeks time. Hope to catch you again when we're next in Tenerife

Paul Ridley|   01/04/2015

Just a quick comment to say thanks for providing two excellent nights at Highland Paddy and Route66 during our weeks holiday in Los Gigantes last week, keep on rocking.

Carol Odgers (karaoke Carol)|   18/03/2015

Hi.....how are you two doing? Hope you are both well and still rocking xxxxxxx will try to get Martin to bring me to a gig before your birthday.....going back on the 4th April xxxx Hi Carol, we are well thank you. Why don't you come to Highland Paddy in Los Gigantes any Wed. We are on from 10.30 - midnight followed by KARAOKE until 2.00 pm.

Ken & Jo|   21/02/2015

Intended 2 b there on 19th (Route 66) but got well fed & watered at Le Rincon de Juan C. Then it rained! Red shoes put away till next Jan. You're the best rockin' band this side of the Atlantic. Keep on keepin' on!

ElaineHusband|   21/02/2015

Hi guys,
Just a quick update on ticket sales, at least 2/3rds of the tickets now sold. Mostly to folk who are returning to their 2nd or 3rd Heroes Ball...what better recommendation could you ask for....
For full details of the Ball, or to receive updates of our fabulous Auction when it starts in August please e mail heroesball@hotmail.co.uk to be added to our mailing list.
Plus, any artists or photographers out there? Perhaps you would dontate a piece of artwork to Heroes Art, an exhibition of donated works with all proceeds to Help for Heroes.
Many thanks for your support
Elaine Husband

Ken & Jo|   12/02/2015

How's the diet going, Bob? It's going very well, I've managed to lose 5.5 kilos in just over 4 weeks. Strict diet and exercise.

INGRID|   06/02/2015

Hi both

Hope you are both well. Only eight sleeps to go to our annual hols in Tenerife. I remember last year you mentioned that if anyone had any ideas for new songs to let you know. Not sure if these are suitable but being played to death on Radio 2, must be on their playlist, and they quite upbeat.

Cassy O' George Ezra
Let the good times roll J D Pherson

See you on the 15th

Kind regards

Ingrid xx

Trev and anne|   26/01/2015

Just got back from another week in Tenerife we saw you in June and in November before that caught you 3 times in Route 66 this time you were on top form again just a little quieter than normal but help make our holiday hope you can turn the sound up soon.

ant|   08/01/2015

Hi coming back to Tenerife on 6 January. love your show.
Long hair you gave me tambourine.
see you very soon

Nan & John (the one stick drummer)|   08/01/2015

CommentI It was great to see you both again ,and to find Jill on top form. Sorry it was a bad audio night, and that the venue put in some thicker cables!
Happy New Year

brenda,barrie|   08/01/2015

Great to see you again,fab time as always,what would route 66 be without you guys
was there Christmas, new year.Best wishes for 2015.

Trevor and Anne|   02/01/2015

Hope you still performing at Route 66 we were there in June and we are back on the 16th of jan looking forward to seeing you it makes our holiday. Hi Guys, still there every Sun, Tues & Thurs 9.00 pm until midnight. See you soon. Bob

Deborah & Malcolm|   02/01/2015

From the posh couple (Knightsbridge). Hope to see you in Jan 2015 but can't find any dates or venue. Have a great Christmas & hope to enjoy a dance or 2 with your normal dry sense of humour. Happy New Year. Deb & Malcolm Hi Guys, Happy New Year - we are in Route 66 every Sun, Tues & Thurs - 9.00 til midnight. Will try to get website updated today. Bob

Paul & Tina|   02/01/2015

Hi bob & jill. We came down 27/11/14 to see you but we didn,t realise you were on holiday. But we done a week cruise first. weather not great, look forward to seeing you next year. All the very best for 2015.

Short Trousers|   09/12/2014

Thanks for the entertaining nights guys, you were the highlight of our wet week in Los Gigantes! Hope you've added 'Whole lotta Rosie' to your set list by the time we visit again......we'll be back!!!!

Bill|   23/11/2014

Can I order the new CD on here? Yes - Send your order to bob@olddogs-newtricks with your full postal address and he will forward you bank details for payment.

Bill & Maureen|   23/11/2014

Thanks for great nights last Tuesday & Thursday at Route 66. Esp thanks for doing 'Stand by You' for us, Great song - beautifully sung.
All the best to you both - looking forward to seeing you in 2015.
PS - Have you ever done 'chain gang' ? -

Louise & Calvin|   05/11/2014

Be back in Tenerife next couple of weeks ... See you Sunday 16th xxx

Ulla and Aase|   05/11/2014

Comment: arrived back from Tenerife Sunday 2nd November and listened to your new CD just bought - Great. Almost as being back at Route 66. Thanks to Maureen WHO persuated you to include Sky Fall. See you. Regards from Denmark :)

Kim Richardson|   25/10/2014

Hi Old Dogs!
If I have half your energy when I'm as young as you two I'll be doing great! Just want to say we had a really great time and it was helped by you guys and Jon and Jen. If you can't remember us...'chasing cars' and air guitar with Bob!

Bill and Ann ( a.k.a. Bronco &Vixen)|   24/10/2014

Ye auld Tartan shoes still going after last night at Barcelo. Looking forward to NEW VENUE IN Los Gigantes
Ever thought of Martha Reeves and Vandellas. - dancing in the Street

Katherine Barugh|   24/10/2014

Hi guy's, the time is finally nearly here for my next visit to Barceló Santiago arriving 11th Nov. Looking forward to seeing and hearing ODNT as you are a big part of my holiday. See you soon xx. (already booked my flights for next May)

Madmacfaeclydebank|   24/10/2014

C U in Highland Paddy, Los Gigantes on Wednesday @ 22:15 22nd... shoutout please for Big John.

Madmacfaeclydebank|   24/10/2014

Can't wait, tonight's the night, Old Dogs at Highland Paddy'sf

Madmacfaeclydebank|   24/10/2014

Saw the guys last night in Highland Paddys... sound out on the terrace not as good as sitting outside Route 66. "More"volume please.

andy durham|   13/10/2014

Hi. Weve just got back from the globales taimamo tropicales and from one of the best holidays weve had. We had our son Ryan with us and i think he has actually fell a little bit in love with live music thanks to you. He still doesnt believe brown sugar is a song and is practising the tambourine for when we return later in the year. Thanks again for creating a great atmosphere and we cant wait to return

Olivia Oswald|   13/10/2014

Just returned from a holiday in Tenerife. Had an absolute blast on both nights spent partying with ODNTs. Route 66 was awesome. Thanks to Bob and Jill for making our engagement holiday one to remember!!! Such a great couple. A must see when visiting the island. Recommend to us by my parents who make the trip to tenerife twice a year and make sure they see ODNT at least twice a week. Cant wait to see them again. Maybe sort them for our wedding!? Thanks again guys. X

Gunter & Noelle|   06/10/2014

Old Dogs?! Young Puppies more likely...where do you get all this energy from?like a good brandy you getting better with age(and you been great before)as you know we only come to the region because of you,so see you in 4 mounth time,Gran Melia here we come. love you,Gunter & Noelle xx

Karen and Gav, Dundee|   29/09/2014

Hi bob and Jill. Thanks for the brilliant entertainment on our recent visit to Los gigantes. We loved the blondie songs you performed at highland paddy and you were terrific as usual at Route 66. Hope to see you again next year. Take care. X.

Nigel &Jane Clews|   29/09/2014

Great to see you again over the last couple of weeks.Enjoyed our stay at the Barcelo again and always a pleasure to see you perform, which is a must. Hope to see you on our return.Are the car stickers available for purchase? Best wishes Nigel &Jane

Nigel &Jane Clews|   29/09/2014

Great to see you again and always a big part of our holiday.Can we purchase any car stickers? look forward, when ever we return. Nigel&Jane

Bill and Ann|   29/09/2014

Great to catch up with you guys and 100% for the kilt. You wear it we'll and not to mention the maker. She did a great job. As usual seeing you guys is a vital part of our holiday. Bob , I only hope that The Widows Sons are able to get you both over to Thunder in Glen Rally....."You would go down a bomb...if you do manage it please let us know, as under normal circumstances tickets are difficult to come by

Kate & Mike Walker|   29/09/2014

Just about to leave for our holiday in Tenerife . Looking forward to seeing you both Kate & michael

Drew & Marta|   19/09/2014

Hi Drew & Marta

Gig list about to be updated but just for you here's our October dates. Wed 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th - Highland Paddy Los Gigantes 10.15 - 11.45, Mon 13th, 20th 27th Barcelo Santiago Hotel, Puerto Santiago - 10.00 - 11.15 (in entertainment hall) Every Sun, Tues & Thurs @ Route 66 9.00 - midnight.
Bob & Jill

Hi Bob & Jill
Drew & Marta here, we were planning a trip in September but looks like it might now have to be 2nd week in October. Just checking that you are playing at this time as nothing on the gig list.

Phil and Viv|   08/09/2014

Hi there Jill and Bob.
We will be staying in Los Christianos 25 sep - Oct 9.

Viv wants to watch you fab show again for her birthday Oct 5th. She enjoys your show so much. What days of the week do you parade your talents?

Take care and see you soon guys.

Phil and Viv

Hi Phil & Viv
We'll be in Route 66 Route 66 Sun 5th, Tues 7th & Thurs 9th. Hope to see you then.

Madmacfaeclydebank|   03/09/2014

Guess who's coming back to see his favourite live band... 18th Oct.

Drew & Marta|   03/09/2014

Hi Bob & Jill, don't know if you remember us as its been over a year ago since our last visit to Tenerife. Drew & Marta who play in a duo called Impulse from Ayr in Scotland, I am the one also in the funeral business. We Hoped to get back sooner but business has been good as too many people have been (dying) to see me.
told the missus i need a break in the sun and their is only one place we want to go so we're checking out when your playing in September. Looking forward to seeing you soon and havin a catch up
ps we're only coming when the dogs are oot the kennels

Drew & Marta

liz dowdall|   15/08/2014

So lovely to see you both again, had a fabulous time , I believe its the most times I have seen you both preform on a single visit to Tenerife.
I look forward to seeing you both again soon,
thank you for your fabulous entertainment yet again, thoroughly enjoying watching you both preform,
have a lovely holiday, love and hugs liz xx

Louise Anstock-Girdlestone and Reece Kitney|   04/08/2014

We were in Tenerife 2 weeks ago, Old Dogs New Tricks were the highlight of our evenings! I am not a fan of 1D, however the covers were fantastic, if it is possible to purchase ODNT version of Story Of My Life, please let me know!

Chris Watt|   04/08/2014

--and an other brilliant two weeks being entertained by the best band in Tenerife .100's of Km's driven and a great nights fun after. Blissful times. Glad you liked the fan xx Chris n Dave W

Pam and Tony|   27/07/2014

We have just spent two weeks in Los a Gigantes a spent lovely evenings with Old Dogs New Trick, we have been reminiscing by playing your CD tonight and enjoyed it very much. You will remember us Jill we are from Lightwater and we hope your Mum heard you singing. Hope to return soon. Love Pam and Tony x

Kath|   22/07/2014

Having a fab time singing along with Jill at the top of my tuneless voice - only when alone in the car though! Loving the CDs xxx

Maureen Ainsworth|   10/07/2014

Hi Colin Mills - I will do my best to persuade them to sing the song you request (although no promises as you know!) anything to stop them being reported to Age Concern!!!!!!! . Best wishes roadie Maureen.

Maureen - roadie|   10/07/2014

Hi Colin - cannot promise you will get the song you request but don't report the roadie !!!!!!!

karen and gav|   29/06/2014

We are coming over to puerto santiago on 22/8 to 5/9 and hope to see you as usual at route 66 . Will you be back from your hols by then? Hope so because you made our past holidays amazing .

Louise Lemon|   29/06/2014

Hi Jill and Bob looking good! Back in Tenerife on 13 July so should be seeing you at route 66 that eve. My brother and wife are there at moment and saw you last eve at highland paddy - first time of seeing you and thought you were great! Louise & Calvin xxx

ryan thorpe|   29/06/2014

Hi Jill and Bob, really missing my old dogs new tricks nights, my mum and dad are hoping to fetch me back again in october. keep rocking, im still wearing the t shirts and listening to your cd,s. from ryan your "Youth Element" see you soon

Ollie& Jackie|   29/06/2014

A great holiday made better with old dogs new tricks to finish the evening..great music and fab atmosphere...look forward to catching up soon...luv J &O..

Colin Mills|   29/06/2014

Quality as always !!!!!!!!
Many thanks for again making our holiday so enjoyable with your usual embracing style of entertainment
I am sure that I speak for the management of the Courtyard (who must be laughing their bits off) in thanking their neighbours at Route 66 for their charity in reducing your nights from 5 to 3.
I must have missed the lecture on marketing at business school covering the strategy of removing your leading brand so your competitors can take your market share (GENIUS!!!!).
The good news is that if Route 66 have not 'seen the light' and reinstated your full quota of nights by the time we return, I have found five euro in my Los Gigantes taxi fund envelope! So I now only need to save up another ten Euros to cover two trips to Highland Paddy in Los Gigantes .
Seriously many thanks and KEEP ON ROCKIN
Colin and Elaine
PS. Add "She's not there by Santana to your set list or the roadie gets reported to Age Concern !!!!!!!!

Keiran & Sarah|   14/06/2014

great great act, Bob and Jill are absolutely amazing, great song choices, really get the crowd going, we watched them several times this hoilday amd already looking forward to seeing them next year

Beverley & Brian|   09/06/2014

Had a fantastic time in Puerto Santiago earlier this month. Enjoyed ourselves at Route 66 when we saw you & you did Valerie or should we say "Beverley" for us. Loved the music and the banter. Love from Sexy high heels & Big Muckle Shoes fae Forfar. x

Susan Holford|   09/06/2014

We are coming to Tenerife on the 25th of July just wondered what dates you were going to be at Route 66 we saw you there a couple of years ago and my daughter loved you we will be there til the 8th of August stopping at El Marques from the 1st of August

Katherine Barugh|   09/06/2014

Hi Guy's, I had a brilliant time again in sunny Tenerife and seeing ODNT and returning friends. I even went to see ODNT in the Highland Paddy over in Los Gigantes, does that qualify as a groupy? I'm counting down the days to November when I return again. xxx

Jan & John Glover|   22/05/2014

Are you playing in the UK later this year, for Help the Heroes fundraiser?
If you are please forward date.
Regards, Jan & John (of Maldon Salt fame!)

Maureen|   22/05/2014

The new Pool Party at the Barcelo Hotel every second Monday throughout the summer is great. It sees ODNT doing disco with the animation team and has a great atmosphere. It is a great night, make it parrt of your holiday.

Mick & Jan|   13/05/2014

Looking forward to seeing you in a fortnight. Hope the Barcelo is open to non residents.
Mick & Jan (Leeds)

mel & tina|   08/05/2014

flying out on the 2nd may Look forward to seeing you both only just got our vioces back after Brockenhust lol

trevor foster|   08/05/2014

just spent a week in tenerife enjoyed watching you three times thanks for some good nights

Kath as in Steve & Kath|   26/04/2014

Can't wait for 01/07 we will be in our usual seat in Route 66. Tenerife should pay you two as tourist attractions ;0)

KD|   26/04/2014

Terrific gigs ... Our hands clapped till they hurt. What's this about a new celeb follower, Rupert Rolls?

Neil & Hannah Broughty Ferry Dundee Scotland|   18/04/2014

Looking forward to seeing you both even although Bob you are getting nearly as old as me. Also notice Katherine will be staying in Barcelo so hope it is the one we met before and she will join us for a drink. Neil & Hannah

ryan thorpe|   18/04/2014

Hi Jill and Bob. Cant wait to come back and see your shows {every night} on 22/04 really had a great time at route 66 in february and looking forward to playing your tambourine again love ryan

Liz|   18/04/2014

We arrive on 4 May - booking our holiday solely to dance along to ODNT for a week!! Can't wait to see you both again. Liz (wiggly arse) and Stuart from Wirral. Keep on practicing Mustang Sally (even though you hate it!!) xx

Katherine|   14/04/2014

Happy belated birthdays. I'm looking forward to my hol's again at Barcelo Santiago on 29th April and seeing Old Dogs New Tricks again xx

Graham and Alison Broughty Ferry Scotland ( Walk of Life)|   06/04/2014

Happy 60th birthday Jill and Bob happy 6?th in two days time. Hope that you had a great holiday. Good memories of the audience singing Happy Birthday in Los Gigantes square on Monday 17thMarch. Looking forward to your music again in Septemmber. Best wishes for the summer

Mike & Barbara|   06/04/2014

Happy significant birthday to Jill. Looking forward to seeing you both again in January 2015.

Mike & Eve|   06/04/2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Thursday Jill.Didnt think you were really THAT old. Come back to the UK and you can qualify for a bus pass.xxx

Linda Canton|   06/04/2014

Dropping by to wish Gill a great 60th birthday on 3rd and also a Happy ?? Birthday Bob on 5th . Enjoy xx Lin, Pat, Sue, Margaret and Chris aka The Golden Girlsxxx xx

Ron & Angie|   06/04/2014

Great new site! Even old dogs need a new bone occasionally! Hope you both have a happy birthday this week. See you in October as usual. Best wishes from Ron & Angus x!

Kath & Steve|   06/04/2014

Wow fancy pants new web site! Old dogs learning even more new tricks

Sam Jordan (Wales)|   06/04/2014

Hi guys. Loving the new website. The photo's are brilliant, they really add that special something to the whole thing. Hope you are both (Jill & Bob) enjoying your holiday, also, hope Jill has an amazing fab birthday. See you the end of May. xxx

Lin Pat Sue Margaret and Sue|   06/04/2014

Here's wishing Jill a Happy 60th Birthday on 3rd April (amazing!) enjoy your day !!! Xxx The Golden Girls of Tenerife

Jan & Steve Clark|   06/04/2014

Great to see you again this week in Green Corner. Have a good relaxing week off for the big birthday celebration. Love the new website! x

John Glover|   20/03/2014

Hi Jill & Bob Would you like us to bring over any Malden salt for your cooking? You may remember we brought 2 packets over last February. This time we are in Tenerife for 2 weeks in March with other friends Staying 1 week in Callao Salvaje and the other week in "crab island". Await your reply. Best Wishes John & Jan Belated reply, thanks for the salt

jim / zebedee|   20/03/2014

A great new website - I especially like the pictures. Enjoy your birthdays next month. Wish I could be there. XX thanks Jim we miss your crazy dancing

Bronco and Vixen (a.k.a.Bill and Ann)|   20/03/2014

Brilliant NEW site. Well worth a look Well done to the young Kerrs

Ken & Joanna Booth|   17/03/2014

Hi both. A belated thank you (your website has been down) for all the fun at Route 66 & Green Corner in Jan and early Feb. My red 'All Stars' have been put away for another year. Did I hear you advertising La Pergola on the radio?? All the best for the rest of the year. All being well we shall see you again next Jan. Love Ken & Joanna

John Glover|   17/03/2014

Hi Jill & Bob Would you like us to bring over any Malden salt for your cooking? You may remember we brought 2 packets over last February. This time we are in Tenerife for 2 weeks in March with other friends Staying 1 week in Callao Salvaje and the other week in "crab island". Await your reply. Best Wishes John & Jan

Maureen & David Phillips|   17/03/2014

Hi Jill & Bob So glad you are OK again, heard about Jill at a party at Christmas.... We are back at Barceló early March can't wait to see you both again, you make our holiday. Don't know whether this site is still going but I shall look for you on Facebook. see you soon. Maureen

Ken & Joanna Booth|   17/03/2014

Hi both. A belated thank you (your website has been down) for all the fun at Route 66 & Green Corner in Jan and early Feb. My red 'All Stars' have been put away for another year. Did I hear you advertising La Pergola on the radio?? All the best for the rest of the year. All being well we shall see you again next Jan. Love Ken & Joanna

Geraldine ..............or is it Gerald!!!!|   17/03/2014

Hi Bob & Jill, it was lovely to see you both last week. Great to see Jill looking so fabulous and singing better than ever. Have a great holiday and enjoy your birthday Jill. See you soon. Geraldine

phil the red|   17/03/2014

Hi to you both. Hope you are well. Sorry to hear about Jill. We hope you are now tickety boo. Coming over in October, Partners big birthday. Happy birthday to you Jill. Is your birthday on the 1st? Take care Bob and Jill. All the best Phil and Viv. Stockport.

Steve and Sheila|   17/03/2014

Hi Jill and Bob
Just like to thank you for five nights great entertainment on our recent holiday to Los gigantes. Sheila especially enjoyed Rocking All Over The World for her birthday! Been back almost two weeks now and looking to book for next year.Can't wait see you then keep rocking and enjoy your hols

Paul & Tina|   09/03/2014

Hi guys. Just reading the messages and it's nice to know that everyone feels the same as us. We have been coming to Tenerife for years and we always want a good time so we always come to see old dogs new tricks. So when we come down 1st week of May we will find you wherever your playing. Nice to know your back on track. See you soon. Paul & Tina. Folkestone, kent.


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08 | 01 | 2015

Bob,Jill Great to see you again,fab time as always,what would route 66 be without you guys was there Christmas, new year.Best wishes for 2015....