Summer 2017 Update

Interesting how rumours start and facts get twisted. Here's the word from the "Dogs"......

Yes, we are selling our house. Looking ahead to the next 15 years, it is time to downsize and release some capital. No, we are not leaving the Canary Islands. No, we are NOT retiring. We may slow down a bit, but we plan to keep performing for as long as we can play guitar and sing. you know.

You can view our lovely home at (Santel). Contact us if you know anyone interested in buying it.

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Other news.....Jill writes......

I am loving playing guitar. Having finally discovering how to play a barre chord I am annoying Bob by playing ever more complicated tunes. My next ambition is to play electric guitar as well as acoustic. Lots of different songs being added to the set. Weirdly, the songs from the 80's (Ah-Ha, Wham, Bananarama etc) are going down exceptionally well. We have added 15 new songs in the last few months.

Oh, and in response to a recent comment that we are "stuck in the 60's", only 12.5% of the music we chose from every night is from that decade. As Bob chooses the set list at random, you may get more or less of a particular band/style/decade on any given night. That's part of the fun!

I am so pleased that we have, once again, been asked to play for the Day of the Tourist in Los Gigantes Plaza on Wednesday 27th September. The Plaza is my favorite venue (as anyone who saw us there last New Year will know) and I hope everyone who can be there will have as much fun as we certainly will.


Looking forward to seeing you in the audience soon!
Jill x

PS: big thanks to our unpaid roadie, Maureen, for all the work she does for us. And no....she is NOT my mother! (Far too young!)


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