Spring 2018 Update

Where has the time gone? Lots of things have happened since the last News Update but we will try to be brief.

The main things that have happened are as follows:-

The “olddogs” had another trip to Santiago de Compostella where they had a very relaxing weeks holiday in August. They performed in The Plaza in Los Gigantes for National Tourist Day in September. They crossed the road from Highland Paddy to The Green Corner in October. They went to Lanzarote in December where they performed at Barney’s Bar in Playa Blanca. They celebrated Christmas Eve & New Year at Route 66. Visited UK in January to renew Jill’s Passport and visit family. Plus managed to fit in a visit to the theatre in London and have a drink with Ed who travelled down from Kettering for a pint!!! February saw Bob visiting his favourite hotel - “Hospiten Sur” for a double hernia operation which he claims was 10 times more painful than either of his hip replacement operations - 38 internal stitches and 24 shiny metal staples! He was still back on stage after 6 days - bionic!


March saw them performing at The Carnaval in Los Gigantes and another trip to Lanzarote where they again performed at Barney’s Bar.

On the furry friends side of things sadly they lost Ozzy who suffered a devastating stroke and had to be put down. Of the 3 dogs left Chester is literally on his last legs and now struggling to negotiate stairs, KT is limping with her front leg and Zappa has a tumour on his liver. It is going to be a tough year. On the cat front however both Dylan & Duffy are in extremely good health.

Work wise things are going well with Route 66 continuing to be very popular and busy. The Green Corner has just reopened after a major internal refurbishment. ODNT are now performing there every Wednesday & Saturday 9.00 pm until 10.30 pm and you have to get there early to find a seat.

Music wise they have been busy and have added 12 new songs from the 80’s to meet the change in the demographics of the tourists.

Family wise Bob’s grandchildren continue to excel both on the academic front and the sports front and both Bob & Jill are extremely proud of them. Unfortunately Jill’s Mum is not too good and Jill had to recently make an emergency flight home. However there is some improvement which everyone hopes will continue.

Future wise they have no plans to retire and are looking to add more new material so watch this space. Holiday planned to France in May and then a visit to UK in June for an exhibition of their niece Imogen’s textile designs at Bath University followed by a performance at Private Party in Evesham and hopefully a visit to The Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford for a performance of Macbeth.

They look forward to entertaining many old and new friends this year and in the future and apologise for the lack of news updates.


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