May 2016 Update

Well long time no update but time just seems to be flying by. Work wise was absolutely brilliant up until Easter with full houses at both Route 66 and Highland Paddy. Since then it has been a bit up and down with neither rhyme nor reason as to why it is packed one night and mediocre the next. Jill’s guitar playing is coming along nicely and certainly adds a new dimension to the show. We have had a few guests on stage with Mel being a joy to work with as usual and her partner Kay doing a sterling job on the tambourine. New numbers being added all the time  - Justin Timberlake’s  “Can’t stop the Feeling” being the latest one as well as a few of the old favourites being revisited.

April saw the marriage of Bob’s youngest son and the “olddogs” enjoyed both the wedding and the rest of their stay in England. Many thanks to good friends Bruce and Maria for supplying accommodation and food during our stay in Shakespeare country. (We even managed to go to a see a play by the Royal Shakespeare Company!)


Animal wise it has been a bit of a trying time with Ozzy having to have one of his eyes removed due to glaucoma and Chester has developed a tumour on his leg the size of a tennis ball and we anxiously await the results of his biopsy - due at the end of this week.

Healthwise Bob is also going through the wars and is awaiting the results of blood tests again later this week to try and find out why his immune system is non existent. Jill still suffering from acid reflux which is also a worry as it affects her vocal chords  - she is on a new drug regime so fingers crossed. I guess it is the perils of getting older!!!

With all the above in mind we are looking forward to a break in Fuerteventura at the end of the month for some well earned rest and recuperation.

Hopefully we will see lots of familiar faces over the next few months when we look forward to entertaining you both at Route 66 and Highland Paddy.


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