May 2014 Update No.1

Today after a prolonged and often heated meeting Rupert was rescued in one piece. He had survived threats of being toasted and put through the slicer. He really is a tough old cookie, well roll and on his return all he wanted to do was pick up his guitar and join ODNT for a “jam” session.


What a guy - he is now hiding in a safe house until Inspector Crisp Bread tracks down Bertie  Bread and the Crusts. There is still a reward out for anyone who helps bring them to justice.


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Jan & Steve Clark

29 | 10 | 2015

Hi to you both. Enjoyed seeing you last month in Highland Paddy's and Route 66. Sorry we didn't make the HFH gig in Uk but trust it went well. Our friends, Lynda & Terry, will be in LG next week and as it will be their f...