March 2017 Update

Well lots of changes in the “olddogs” lives, the main one being that we have decided to sell our house!!

Since posting our house sale on Facebook we have been contacted by many people who have got the wrong idea about our house move. So, before you listen to incorrect rumour, here are the facts.....

We are selling our beautiful rural house because we want to downsize to a single level dwelling. Bob's replacement of his hip replacement means that he will need to be on one floor as he heads toward decrepitude!

We are NOT returning to the UK!! We remain (and I use the word deliberately) committed Europeans who wish to continue to live in the Canary Islands for many years to come.

We have no plans to retire and you will continue to find us playing at the usual locations, though we may try to slow down a bit as the years go by. you know.

Gossip away!

Other news is that Tenerife is still buzzing and extremely busy which is great for everyone except those trying to book accommodation. It also means that you have to book tables at all the good restaurants if you want to get fed.

The weather has been very unpredictable with one week at 35 degrees the next at 19 degrees and snow & rain just to keep it interesting.

Another great night at The Los Gigantes Carnaval, it so satisfying to perform to a huge crowd dancing and singing along. Route 66 & Highland Paddy continue to be rammed every night and you have to be there early if you want a seat inside or out.

Looking forward to our visit to UK to celebrate Bob’s 70th birthday when there will be a reunion of the band as well as guest performances at Bob’s Party. We look forward to being joined by all our friends and family.


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