March 2016 Update

Well guys it has been a rollercoaster start to the year with amazing crowds at both Highland Paddy & Route 66. Most nights standing room only from within 15 minutes of taking the stage - what more can we ask for? As usual lots of old friends returning to Tenerife and giving us their support for which we are extremely grateful. Equally as important is the number of new (and in many cases younger) faces that we are seeing in our audiences albeit that many of them are here by default due to the dire political situation in many of the other winter destinations.

Last Saturday we took the stage for the Los Gigantes Carnaval and we had a ball. Starting at 8.30 pm the Plaza soon filled up with an extremely enthusiastic crowd singing and dancing to our interpretation of hit songs from the 60’s through to present days. This was followed by an equally packed night at Highland Paddy. In total we performed for 3.5 hours without repeating a song followed by 3 hours at Route 66 the day after when we only repeated 6 songs from the Saturday - not bad for a pair of “old codgers”.


On the personal front we have both suffered from the cold viruses that have been rampant in the UK - thanks guys! However like the “old troupers” that we are we only had to cancel 1 show.

Dogs & cats all doing well apart from poor Ozzy who has developed glaucoma in his right eye which unfortunately he will have to have removed to save the sight in his other eye - no guarantee!

We are looking forward to our next trio to the UK when we will be attending my youngest son Duncan’s wedding and visiting old friends. Watch the website for dates.

We look forward to seeing many more regulars as the year unfolds and wish you all a belated happy and healthy New Year.


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