Major Update

Date: 18/11/2013

Well apologies to everyone who has been disappointed not to see us at Route 66 but unfortunately we have had a few disasters! Jill lost her voice on Halloween and struggled to perform through two more shows. Unfortunately she had developed a polyp on her left vocal chord and had a swelling on her right one. This resulted in NO voice and on examination required surgery. The surgery was completed last Wed. but we won't know if it has been successful until this Thursday at the earliest as she is not allowed to speak. In the meantime Bob came down with a heavy cold and sore throat - both very dangerous for Jill. Not only that but he was then diagnosed with acute tonsillitis so not a well boy either. He also is seeing the same consultant on Thurs. so fingers crossed for them both. This unfortunately means that the "olddogs" will be having an enforced rest and don't anticipate being back at Route 66 until mid dec at the earliest so watch this space and updates on Facebook. In the meantime there is still live entertainment at Route 66 every night and it is still the best bar in town.


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Hi there, Phil and Viv here.

29 | 08 | 2017

Hope you are both in fine fettle? Will be coming over to the island, staying in San Miguel. Was hoping to catch one or 2Gigs. Will you be on at route 66 on the 10 Sep and the 12 Sep 2017? Take care guys x Hi Guys ...