July 2015 Update

Well sorry that news is a bit late but the "olddogs" have been up to their necks in dust as they have had builders in for the last 9 weeks and the computer has been under dust sheets. Well they have now managed to reclaim the house and have been busy painting and decorating. Extremely pleased with the results and they have now added a penthouse flat on top of the existing house which is just as well as they had to live there while the builders were renovating the main part of the house.

Work wise everything has been quite mad with full houses every night at both venues. Great to have Leanne and her lovely friends brightening up the landscape and getting all the older men up to dance. Most of them thought that they had died and gone to heaven judging by the big smiles on their faces. Very noticeable change in the age of the clientele over the last few weeks with the majority of the audience being under 30!!!

Weather here in Tenerife extremely hot and looks like it will continue that way for at least the next week with temperatures over 40 degrees - still 25 at midnight. You can guess where the crowds are - outside until there are no seats left and they have to join the band inside.

Dogs and cats all fine although they are also finding the heat a bit much and are sensibly staying in the shade, well except Zappa (husky) who lay out sunbathing and burnt his nose. Forgot to put his sun screen on!

Bob & Jill are looking forward to having their lives back and hopefully adding some new songs to their repertoire - all suggestions considered with the exception of Kanye West - what a W****r!

Help for Heroes getting closer (October 10th) and we need you all to give generously remember to put ODNT after your name - details of the event at bottom of home page. Click on the link and it will tell you how to donate your money. Many thanks in advance. We had the organiser Elaine and her husband David together with Ed & Chris (major sponsors) over for dinner last night and a very pleasant evening was spent sipping copious quantities of vino.

We are looking forward to 26th July when we are off for 2 weeks much needed holiday and Maureen (superstar roadie and dog sitter) will be moving in to her newly decorated room. As a special treat we are taking her and "Aunt" Sally to see Sir Tom Jones at the end of August. We hope that they behave - no throwing knickers onto the stage!

Well it's 9.00 pm on our night off and I think it's time for a beer so bye for now.



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George Walker

28 | 11 | 2016

Sorry to learn that you were in hospital. Hope you are back on your feet and hips bearing the weight. Can you make the Monty on 17th December ????? Sadly not but will be there in spirit. Great to hear from you and ho...