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  • 28 May
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.00 pm til midnight
  • 30 May
  • Route 66,
    Puerto Santaigo

    9.00 pm til midnight
  • 31 May
  • Highland Paddy,
    Los Gigantes

    10.15 pm til midnight

July Update

Date: 25/07/2013

Long time no update but we have been on holiday. The "olddogs" went back to the old country and visited Scotland to attend a wedding before heading South. A week was spent in Callander in possibly one of the best B&B's in the country. No fault could be found which was just as well as it p*****d down for most of the time. The wedding was excellent and saw Jill being whisked round the dance floor by various men - young & old - wearing kilts. The highlight of Bob's night was dancing with the delectable Emili Sande- need we say more!!! A visit was made to Dunblane where both had there pictures taken by Andy Murray's golden post box just before his triumph at Wimbledon. South of the border was a hectic mix of visiting friends and family. Jill managed to complete a 5k Charity run/walk with her daugher in law, grandaughter and Bob's ex wife in a very respectable 40 minutes - not bad considering no training, bad ankle and blistering heat. She also managed to purchase a new sewing machine on the same day. Bob managed to go shopping for food with his daughter and then cook a barbecue for his family. He actually managed to see all his children and grandchildren which was great. On Jill's side they managed to see a fair number of the family, Mum, aunt, nieces and had dinner with her sister and her daughter's - now extremely attractive young women. All this and dinner with friend's Paul & Jane, lunch with Ed & Chris in London and The Who concert at Wembley. Healthwise all appears to be well and the "olddogs" are back at work entertaining the troops. Great to see old groupies Ron & Barbara Turner who have travelled from Australia to see the olddogs - that is dedication. bye for now - new music beckons.


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20 | 03 | 2017

Dear bob & Jill. Glad bob on the road to recovery. I shall be in los g with friend wendy again to catch up with stuart & jean & of course see you perform. We arrive 9th march for a week in time for the fiesta. Will you b...