August 2019 Update

Well it has certainly been an eventful summer with venues changing giving new challenges. After 15 years we have returned to Las Rosas every Tuesday and to Bar 1 (formerly Talk of the Coast) in Playa Paraiso every Sunday. Both have turned out to be extremely successful and great fun. After deciding to cut back our workload, if you add these two new gigs to The Green Corner every Wednesday & Saturday and La Paella Rustica every Friday, we are back to 5 nights a week and enjoying every minute of it - much better than sitting at home watching TV. Also I have to say that it has been the most enjoyable summer that we have had in our 17 years on the island with great audiences so thank you all.

HOT NEWS - we have just been booked to perform in The Plaza, Los Gigantes on Saturday 21st September (times to be agreed) to celebrate International Tourism day. Watch “Gigs”on website and Facebook for confirmation of times.

On the home front Jill has been hard at work making designer jackets and t.shirts which are being much admired.



I have been restoring guitars and furniture - never a dull moment. We still have 2 dogs & 2
cats, all of which are getting on in life just like us!

Looking forward to short trip to UK to perform at a Birthday Party in Bretforton (near Evesham) followed by much needed family visits.
As we head into the Autumn we look forward to the return of “The Swallows” assuming they have any money left after the dreaded Brexit. Our times ahead are going to be interesting to say the least.

Have fun, Bob & Jill


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