April 2019 Update

Just a short update - We have added a new venue to our normal venues of Route 66 every Sun, Tues & Thurs and The Green Corner every Sat. - we can now be found at La Paella Rustico on the harbour in Los Gigantes every 2nd Fri. from 9.00 pm til 11.00 pm. Check the gig list for appropriate dates. We had our first night there last Fri so will be back on the 12th & 26th of April. If every night is as good as our first night it will be a great venue. Every table inside was booked and all the outside tables were full before we started - standing room only! You can enjoy dinner, tapas or just a drink as well as a dance or two of course. It was definitely a Party atmosphere with great food and great staff.

Route 66 soldiers on but Puerto Santiago definitely suffering from a shortage of tourists due to the refurbishment of The Tamaimo Hotel with another two months to go.

The Green Corner continues to be full to capacity even on cold nights so you have to get there early if you want a good seat or on some nights any seat.

We again performed at The Carnaval in Los Gigantes and despite being on at 6.30 pm we had a great crowd baying for more.

On the home front our remaining two dogs are still doing well as are the two cats. The building work across the road is now completed and we can again awaken to silence instead of cement mixers. Our new neighbours/friends have built a magnificent house and have made a great job of landscaping their gardens.

We had 3 nights in Lanzarote last month most of which I spent in bed with a really bad chest/throat/ nose and eye infection. It was a real disappointment as we had been really looking forward to the break. We are off to Vilaflor this week to celebrate both our birthdays - Jill's is on Wed. & mine is on Fri. We have a weather forecast in Vilaflor for snow or rain!!! Fortunately the hotel has a great spa and swimming pool and we will take a pile of books to read.

Next month we are off to Mykonos for two weeks and a big thanks to Maureen our Roadie/house sitter/dog sitter for making this possible.

I think that it is about it for now and we look forward to seeing you all in the near future. Best wishes, Bob & Jill


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