An Apology the lovely couple who tried to say goodbye to us while we where packing up after the gig at Highland Paddy last Wednesday night.

We were under pressure to get all the gear out before the doors closed and things got a bit stressed. When we had finished and looked around to say goodbye, you had gone.

Thanks for coming to see us at, both at Route 66 and Highland Paddy. Hoping that the hernia operation goes well and that we see you both back here, safe and well very soon.

With love from "The Dogs" and the Roadie.


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Sheila Podmore ......( Willmott )

25 | 09 | 2017

Saw you performing last earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed the evening so chuffed to come so many miles and meet a lass from St,John' Son and daughter in law are there thus week and I sincerely hope the...